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Oct 27, 2023

Explore Amsterdam Like Never Before with My Amsterdam Bike's Tours

When it comes to experiencing the beauty and charm of Amsterdam, there's nothing quite like getting on a bike and exploring the city at your own pace. At My Amsterdam Bike, we offer a range of top-notch tours that will take you on an unforgettable journey through the streets of Amsterdam.

Our expert guides are passionate about showcasing the highlights of Amsterdam while sharing fascinating stories and insights. Whether you're a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or a food lover, we have a tour that will perfectly cater to your interests.

With our bike tours, you'll have the opportunity to discover hidden gems, picturesque canals, iconic landmarks, and charming neighborhoods. Our carefully curated routes ensure that you won't miss out on any of the must-see sights Amsterdam has to offer.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit with Our Premium Bike Rentals

If you prefer to venture out on your own and create your own itinerary, our high-quality bike rentals are the perfect choice. We offer a wide selection of well-maintained bikes suitable for all ages and preferences.

At My Amsterdam Bike, we understand the importance of comfort and safety, which is why our rental bikes are carefully inspected and maintained to ensure a smooth and hassle-free ride.

Whether you're a solo traveler, a family on vacation, or a group of friends, our extensive range of bikes guarantees that you'll find the perfect fit. From classic city bikes to electric bikes and even the versatile bakfiets nl cargotrike, we have options for every type of cyclist.

Discover Amsterdam's Extensive Bicycle Paths

Amsterdam is renowned for its extensive network of dedicated bicycle paths. With over 400 kilometers of well-maintained cycling routes, the city is a true haven for cyclists.

When you choose My Amsterdam Bike, you'll have access to our expert knowledge of the best bicycle paths in the city. Our local guides will provide you with insider tips and advice on the most scenic and enjoyable routes to explore.

From idyllic countryside paths to urban routes that pass by iconic landmarks, our tours and bike rentals allow you to immerse yourself in Amsterdam's unique cycling culture.

Unleash Your Cycling Adventure with the bakfiets nl cargotrike

If you're looking for a truly extraordinary biking experience, our bakfiets nl cargotrike is the perfect choice. This innovative cargo bike combines the functionality of a traditional Dutch bakfiets with the stability and maneuverability of a tricycle.

The bakfiets nl cargotrike is incredibly versatile and practical, making it ideal for families, businesses, and anyone who needs to transport goods or passengers with ease. Whether you're running errands, going grocery shopping, or simply exploring the city with loved ones, this unique cargo bike will revolutionize your biking experience.

With its spacious front carrier box, the bakfiets nl cargotrike offers ample room for everything you need to transport. It's the perfect solution for transporting kids, picnic supplies, or even your beloved pet.

Investing in a bakfiets nl cargotrike not only enhances your cycling capabilities but also contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly way of transportation. Join the growing community of cargo bike enthusiasts and experience the joy of biking like never before.


At My Amsterdam Bike, we are passionate about providing you with the ultimate cycling experience in Amsterdam. Whether you choose to join our insightful tours, rent a bike, or explore the city's bicycle paths, we are committed to ensuring your time in Amsterdam is memorable and enjoyable.

With our range of high-quality bikes, including the versatile bakfiets nl cargotrike, and our knowledgeable guides, you'll have all the tools you need to embark on a remarkable biking adventure.

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Discover Amsterdam's hidden gems with My Amsterdam Bike!
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